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Willie Doyeto (Kiowa) Part 3

It was a tragic, unexpected loss. Willie’s son and daughter-in-law, along with some others, were standing by their car alongside the highway checking their vehicle for a noise they had heard. All of a sudden another vehicle recklessly turned into them and took their lives. Listen as Willie tells the story about how God comforted him in this difficult time.

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Willie Doyeto (Kiowa) Part 2

“I guess it was in June – the first part of June of 1963 that I couldn’t take it anymore. My body couldn’t take what I was doing – what I was putting into my body. And I realized that I had to quit or something was going to happen.” Find out what Willie did that made all the difference in his life.

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Willie Doyeto (Kiowa) Part 1

Willie grew up in Hobert, Oklahoma in a pastor’s home. He recalls the Sunday gatherings at church along the river, how the ladies dressed… what they did. He tells how, as a boy, they chased tumbleweeds and hunted them as if they were buffalo. And he shares how he lost his older brother in a car accident because of bad choices.

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Dorothy Harvey (Navajo)

Dorothy grew up in Sweetwater, Arizona on the Navajo reservation where she lived without running and electricity. She tells about how they used to dress up rocks pretending they were dolls. As an adult she got involved in a bad marriage. It was very difficult. But her faith in Jesus helped her through. Now she encourages others who have problems.

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Merritt Youngdeer (Cherokee) Part 2

Have you ever gotten tired of the way you’re living? Merritt did. He knew that what he was doing wasn’t right and it was taking a toll on him. Something had to change. This is the story of how that change came… a story about hard questions, real answers, and how a troubled man finally found peace with God.

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Merritt Youngdeer (Cherokee) Part 1

Merritt sought to live a perfect life. He thought that this was necessary to be a Christian. But as much as he tried he found that he just couldn’t do it. And so finally, he gave up trying. But that didn’t leave him feeling any better. This is part one of his story of how he finally found peace with God.

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