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Wes Cardinal (Metis) Part 2

No one feels the pain more than a loving parent when one of their children dies. Wes knows this first hand. He didn’t know that when his son walked out the door that day that he would never come home. That evening he found out that his son had died in a fiery crash. They could not see the body because it was burnt. How does one make it through something like this?

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Wes Cardinal (Metis) Part 1

Wes had gotten sick. No one could figure out what was wrong… and it went on and on. Relatives began to wonder if Indian medicine was involved. More than his physical illness though, Wes had a spiritual sickness… and it’s consequences were far greater than his poor health.

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The Fear is Gone – The Story of Eddie Lindsey (Creek)

As a young person, Eddie was afraid of dying. One day he and his aunt had a good talk about it.  If you’ve ever wondered about death you just might be interested in what she shared with him. Eddie also reflects on the influence that his father had on him. He always knew that his daddy loved him though he never heard the words. One day something happened in his father’s life that would impact the whole family. Daddy was different… he was changed. He didn’t drink anymore. That gave Eddie hope that he could change too.

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Rick Burnette (Lumbee)

I went up to the car and snatched the car door open and told him get out, but when he got out, he got out with a 357 magnum, and he placed the gun on my forehead and he said,

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Don Robinson (Tuscarora)

Don was born on the Tuscarora reservation in New York. His parents split up when he was young and for a time ended up living off the reservation when his mother remarried. As you’ll hear, those were interesting days. But the most significant event of his life took place at camp.

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Gary Quequish (Oji-Cree) Part 2

A miracle happened the day that Gary met the Lord. Everything changed. Some might say that he chose the whiteman’s religion. Gary says no. Jesus came for all people. The change that came into his life, and the life of his family – is pretty challenging evidence to ignore.

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