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Emerson Falls (Sac and Fox) Part 2

Emerson joined the army. It was a rebellious time in his life and he was getting into trouble. One day, someone stole some money from another person’s locker. The commanding officer told Emerson he knew that he had taken the money. When he asked why the CO thought that, the officer said, “because you’re nothing but a worthless human being.” Emerson couldn’t say anything because that’s how he felt about himself. What happened after that changed his direction forever.

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Emerson Falls (Sac and Fox) Part 1

Emerson was raised in an urban setting away from the reservation. But home was where the relatives were and they would go back often. His dad raised the family Christian after being coming out of the traditional way. Emerson followed, but later began to question what he believed.

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Connie Hayes (Colville, Creek, Cherokee)

Though originally from Washington State, she was raised by her grandparents in rural Oklahoma. When she was three, her father was shot and killed. Thankfully, she had her grandparents who provided a stable, loving environment… and made a lasting impact on her life.

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Paul Frost (Yup’ik) Part 3

“I wanted to go do these drugs cause I hadn’t done them for quite some time and it was time for me to do them again. I used to go on three-day binges. I would disappear and my wife and kids didn’t know where I was. They didn’t know if I was dead or alive or nothing.” Listen as Paul shares his battle with addiction and how it finally came to an end.

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Paul Frost (Yup’ik) Part 2

Working on the Alaska pipeline, Paul got into drugs and alcohol. It changed his life. His addictions had full control over him, until one night, when he had a dream so terrifying, that it caught his full attention.

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Paul Frost (Yup’ik) Part 1

He was in a fist fight at least twice a week, every week for most of his schooling… because of the way he looked. He didn’t fit in with the white kids… he didn’t fit in with the Native kids. Listen as Paul shares about the early days of his journey and how that would influence his outlook in the days to come.

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