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Sam Herman (Cup’ik) Part 2

“Ten horse is not fast enough for going, 22 foot long wooden boat”, Sam said as he recalled the moments after his side had been laid open by a shotgun blast. When your injury is life-threatening, things like that seem to matter more.

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Sam Herman (Cup’ik) Part 1

I born Cup’ik, real Eskimo. I didn’t born in the spring but I born at grass. No, no spring brat. Sod house, and my blanket is all those grasses put together, and those are my mattress.

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Fred Evans (Cree)

Have you ever been so close to death that only the hand of someone else could save you? That’s Fred story. His story would never have been told if his friend hadn’t tried to reach for him one last time. Listen as Fred share how he fell off the boat drunk, and the significance this event has had in his life ever since.

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Charlotte Evans (Saulteaux)

Life at home was not what Charlotte wanted. The alcohol made it difficult for her to be there. So she ran away looking for something better. She hoped that in doing so the authorities would place her in a foster home. They didn’t. So she eventually moved out. Did she find what she was looking for?

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Lawrence Alfred (Navajo) Part 3

“He said to me, ‘Your running away from something. I sense that you are married and you’re running around with these ladies.’ I didn’t have the ability to tell him to quit talking to me because he was a good friend of mine. He handed me over a Bible and told me that Jesus could help me.”

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Lawrence Alfred (Navajo) Part 2

The medicine man told Lawrence that someone had witched him. They wanted him to leave his wife and family, and eventually kill himself. But even after dealing with this curse, things got worse for Lawrence. He needed something that the medicine man could not offer.

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