Andrew Nelson (Aleut)

When Andrew’s wife decided to follow Jesus, he was very curious. He watched her, and had her tell him what the preacher would say at church. He couldn’t get...

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Adam Taylor (Musgogee) Part 2

Adam felt abandoned by his biological father. But he discovered that as a child of God he had a Heavenly Father. Our dads will let us down. We all...

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Adam Taylor (Muscogee) Part 1

Adam grew up without a father. He got involved in drugs, alcohol, and the gang life. He reached a point though where he realized that he wasn’t happy. An...

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Tom Claus (Mohawk) New Year Special

New Years Eve is a very special time in the Claus family. It was on that night many years ago that the family gathered together around the radio and...

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A Storyteller Christmas with Ryan O’Leary (Ojibwe)

Ryan shares some of his childhood memories of Christmas. He shares about the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ and how He was a gift from God for...

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Randy Boettcher (Metis) Part 2

“… And that’s when I repented of my sin, when for the first time I turned my back on sin, and really cast myself on Jesus Christ to be...

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