Chester Martin (Mi’kmaq) Part 3

Chester found out that, just because Jesus saves us from our past and gives us hope for the future, life can still be hard. Difficult challenges and choices are...

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Chester Martin (Mi’kmaq) Part 2

The hate that Chester had harbored for his father since childhood was driving him to drink, despair, and death. Through the intervention of an understanding judge and a Bible-quoting...

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Chester Martin (Mi’kmaq) Part 1

Chester grew up in Eel Ground First Nation. His troubled childhood left him with deep hurt. He tried to end his life. Thankfully, he wasn’t successful. Listen to part...

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Tom Claus (Mohawk) New Years Special

New Years Eve is a very special time in the Claus family. It was on that night many years ago that the family gathered together around the radio and...

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Jason French (Cherokee)

Like all of us, the Christmas story has a background… and it begins with our Creator. Join us as Jason French starts at the beginning and helps us understand...

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Sophronia Crawford (Assiniboine and Sioux)

Sophronia’s life from early childhood was marked by anger at being shipped off to boarding school. Then alcohol took over after her mother died. When she ‘found Jesus’, she...

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