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Bill Jackson (Cree) Part 1

Bill is a Cree from northern Alberta. He was born and raised in the Whitefish Lake Cree Nation. He was sent away to residential school early in his childhood. He didn’t make it easy on...

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Harriet Hinman (Chemehuevi) Part 2

And I thought about my Indian people, you know, when they would go into Kingman, my mom’s tribe, the Haulapai’s, only two or three of them could go into the store at one time. They...

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Harriet Hinman (Chemehuevi) Part 1

It’s tough growing up when you feel like you don’t fit in. For a little girl named Harriet, it was a lonely time. Listen as she reflects back on the early days of her life,...

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Featured Stories

Allen was an angry and violent man. Even his own people wanted him locked up.  Chains of addiction had him bound. When all else failed him he decided to end his life.

Karen shares openly about the deep issues of life – including her struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide. This is her story: a journey From darkness to Light.

Gary had plenty of reasons to be angry with his father. But something wonderful -indescribable- happened to Gary one day that would change him and help him forgive his dad.

Anger made Thomas a fighter… first in the youth center, and then in the boxing ring. His skills brought him into the gangs, where he would have the fight of his life.

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