New Life

Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

If you have listened to The Storyteller for a while you’ve probably noticed that – though each person’s story is different – there is a common theme. They all have found new life when they put their hope and trust in Jesus Christ.

We’re not talking about religion here… we’re talking about a real, life-changing relationship with our Creator. They have experienced the power of Jesus – that He is greater than the spirits and stronger than their fears. Those once held captive by addictions, fear, shame, and grief have been set free. They know what it is to truly be forgiven and walk in peace with the Most High God. And even though life can still be hard, their collective testimony is that they have been changed forever.

Many have been shunned by family, friends, and their communities because they are following Jesus. Some have been called “apples” and mocked for following the so-called “White man’s religion”.  But they can’t deny what God has done for them. It’s real, it’s personal… and they are grateful.
Are you interested in what they’ve found? Take the journey for yourself and pursue God’s truth. Ask Him to lead you. And if what you find challenges your beliefs, experience, or traditions, don’t let that get in your way.

There are some who would say “Why should we believe or follow Jesus after so much evil has been done in his name?” It is true that history is full of examples of such things and it’s obvious that much wrong has been done. These terrible acts do not represent the actual person and work of Jesus. Just because someone or some institution says that they represent Him doesn’t mean that they really do. Jesus said that we will be able to tell the tree by it’s fruit. The fruit of true followers of Jesus Christ will be good.

The stakes are too high to reject Christ because of what others have done. Seek the truth. Consider Jesus and what He taught. According to our Creator, there are many paths that lead to death… but only one that leads to life.  Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.”  John 14:6 (The Bible)