Program Host

The radio voice of The Storyteller

Soapy Dollar

Program Host

Soapy is a Mescalero Apache from New Mexico.  He is married to Suzanne and together they have three adult children. They presently reside in San Antonio, TX where they are involved in Military ministry.  Soapy is also host of The Bible Live radio program which is heard throughout south Texas on KSLR.

Since 2015, Soapy has been the host of The Storyteller.  But before he was welcoming Storyteller listeners he was a featured guest… sharing his own story about the amazing things that God has done for him. Soapy’s life got off to an interesting start.  “I was what used to be called an illegitimate baby, abandoned at birth on the streets of Albuquerque, NM. A 50-year-old fortune teller found me, took me took me home (she was living alone at the time, separated from her third of five husbands), got me a birth certificate, then passed me around to about 16 families before I was six years old. Then Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, a home for homeless and/or delinquent boys near Amarillo, TX, agreed to take me in and became my home.  There at age 8, I gave my life to Jesus, and He changed my life and my destiny forever.”  Each week, Soapy welcomes listeners to hear and consider what God can do in our lives when we trust and follow Jesus. He knows first hand and wants others to find the peace, hope, and new life God offers to all – from every tribe and nation.

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