Special full-length versions of The Storyteller

Herman’s Haircut – The Story of a medicine man, a Navajo pastor, and the power of God

Navajo Pastor Herman Williams was in South Dakota working on the reservation.  One day a man came to give Herman a haircut.  It turned out the he was a local medicine man… and he had plans for Herman’s hair.  This is an amazing story about spiritual power.  If you’ve ever wondered about whether Jesus is greater than the spirits, you’ll want to listen to this story.

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Tom Claus (Mohawk) Shares Christmas Memories

Tom Claus reflects on what Christmas was like growing up on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford, Ontario many years ago. After all the gifts were opened, the family would sit down together and read the Christmas story from the Bible. Tom goes on to read the story for us and then speaks about the precious gift that God gave to all people – His Son, Jesus Christ.

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An Orphan’s Christmas – Soapy Dollar (Mescalero Apache)

Soapy Dollar is a Mescalero Apache who was abandoned at birth on the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  After being picked up by a fortune teller and passed around till he was five, he was placed in a ranch for homeless and delinquent boys.  This would become home for the rest of his youth.  As an orphan, his memories and perspective of Christmas are different than most.  Would bitterness and resentment mark the man who was born rejected… or would his path be different?  What was Christmas like for a boy with no family? It might just surprise you… and encourage you.  Got 15 minutes? Listen to his story and then pass it on.

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I’m Free – The Story of Allen Early (San Carlos Apache)

Allen, a San Carlos Apache, was raised in the traditional by his father. His dad sent him away to school.  Soon Allen got involved in alcohol, drugs, and gang life.  He became so violent that the people in his community wanted him put away. But jail couldn’t hold him. He escaped many times.  Finally, after a successful manhunt, he was placed in solitary confinement.  He tried to hang himself but failed.  So he decided to starve himself to death.  It was then that a man came into the jail and shared his personal story about how he had been set free.  Allen listened through the walls of his cell… and what happened next changed his life forever.

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