Special full-length versions of The Storyteller

Tom Claus (Mohawk) New Years Special

New Years Eve is a very special time in the Claus family. It was on that night many years ago that the family gathered together around the radio and heard something that would change their lives forever. Listen as Tom reflects on the significance of that day and what it means to him after all these years.

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An Orphan’s Christmas – Soapy Dollar (Mescalero Apache)

Soapy Dollar is a Mescalero Apache who was abandoned at birth on the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  After being picked up by a fortune teller and passed around till he was five, he was placed in a ranch for homeless and delinquent boys.  This would become home for the rest of his youth.  As an orphan, his memories and perspective of Christmas are different than most.  Would bitterness and resentment mark the man who was born rejected… or would his path be different?  What was Christmas like for a boy with no family? It might just surprise you… and encourage you.  Got 15 minutes? Listen to his story and then pass it on.

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The Story behind Christmas – Jason French (Cherokee)

Like all of us, the Christmas story has a background… and it begins with our Creator. Join us as Jason French starts at the beginning and helps us understand the significance of this day that was first celebrated by angels in the night sky near Bethlehem and now is celebrated by people from tribes and nations around the world.

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Abandoned but not Forsaken. The Testimony of Soapy Dollar (Mescalero Apache)

A young, pregnant teenager leaves her reservation for the city and gives birth to her child. She returns home alone, after leaving her baby in an alley. The child is found by a fortune-teller who takes him home and passes him around for the first five years of his life. Finally, she places him in a home for delinquent and homeless boys. You could say that life had not begun well for this little boy. But God had plans for this abandoned child that no one could have ever imagined. If you need to be reminded today that God is bigger than your circumstances, and unhindered by your past, this story will encourage and inspire you. Listen. Enjoy. Share.

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