Special full-length versions of The Storyteller

New Life – The Testimony of Jess French (Cherokee)

Ever heard voices? Jess has. As a night club entertainer, he was preparing for a show one Friday evening when he heard an unfamiliar voice ask him a strange question. Besides Jess and the bartender, there was no one else around… and the bartender hadn’t said anything. It was disturbing. Jess immediately asked for a straight shot of whiskey and took some pills to try to forget what had just happened. It worked for a while, but alcohol and drugs couldn’t keep the voice from coming back. So instead of running from it, he decided to pursue what he heard. It turned out to be the voice of Truth. Jess French is a member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. This is his story. Related Content: Jess shares his testimony on The Storyteller: Click here to listen.

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The Fear is Gone – The Story of Eddie Lindsey (Creek)

As a young person, Eddie was afraid of dying. One day he and his aunt had a good talk about it.  If you’ve ever wondered about death you just might be interested in what she shared with him. Eddie also reflects on the influence that his father had on him. He always knew that his daddy loved him though he never heard the words. One day something happened in his father’s life that would impact the whole family. Daddy was different… he was changed. He didn’t drink anymore. That gave Eddie hope that he could change too.

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“Why you always smiling?” The Testimony of Julius Twohearts (Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux)

Julius Twohearts – Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux: Julius grew up on the Spirit Lake reservation in northeastern North Dakota. From his youth, his life was a toxic mixture of anger and alcohol. He eventually went to prison for attacking a police officer – sending him to the hospital. Years later, while Julius was drinking under a bridge, a stranger came and told him about Jesus. After that it seemed no matter where he went people would talk to him about Jesus. Slowly, his hard heart began to soften… and he opened it to the Lord. It’s been a long and painful journey, but today, Julius is known for his smile. As you listen to him share, you’ll actually hear him smiling. Find out why… maybe you’ll smile too.

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No Turning Back – The Story of Herman Williams (Navajo)

Herman was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. His grandparents brought him up in the Navajo language, culture, and tradition. As a teenager he jumped in the back of a truck for a two-week work opportunity, and headed off the rez for the first time in his life. He was surprised and intrigued by what he saw… and decided he wanted to explore this new world. Two weeks turned into two years… and what happened in that time changed his life forever. Listen as Herman shares about his culture, his faith, and the amazing adventures he had as a follower of Jesus Christ. Herman is home with the Lord now, but his story continues to inspire and challenge those who hear it. We hope it will do the same for you.

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