Special full-length versions of The Storyteller

The Shepherd’s Song – Psalm 23

These are challenging days across Native North America and throughout the world. For many First Nations and Native American communities, the prospect of contracting Covid-19 is frightening. Underlying health conditions put many Native people at greater risk with this coronavirus. Tribal leaders are working hard to protect their communities and we’re grateful. The uncertainty of life is very apparent in times like these… and so is the shadow of death. So where do we turn… where do we find hope when things are so difficult? Soapy Dollar, Mescalero Apache and host of The Storyteller radio program points us to where he has found it, and where you can too.

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“Hate, that’s all we knew.” But then he found Love. The Story of Jim Rickteroff (Athabaskan)

Jim grew up being hated, abused, and very angry… and so it wasn’t long before he was bent on getting revenge. He trained in martial arts, preparing for the day when he would meet his abusers again. He was hot on the trail of one of them in Anchorage… but when Jim would go in the front door, the man would slip out the back.  Then something incredible happened which brought him face to face with this man. If you’ve ever been abused, struggled with forgiveness, or know someone who has, this is a story you won’t want to miss.  Have a listen, and then pass along the blessing to someone who needs to hear this.

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Something wonderful happened to me – The Testimony of Gary Quequish (Oji-Cree)

“So great was the presence of God – I thought we were going to die. So heavy was the load of sin – a crushing – the heavy load on my back. I couldn’t even speak… couldn’t even lift up my eyes. God was in there… and I begged for mercy.” And that’s exactly what God showed Gary – mercy. As you listen to Gary tell his story, you’ll understand why he was begging for mercy, and you’ll understand why he’s never been the same since that day. He also speaks to the truth that Jesus is for all people, including the First Nations. This is a story that everyone needs to hear.

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You can run but you can’t hide – Fred Evans (Cree)

Fred put his trust in Jesus Christ in his youth, but soon got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Alcohol became a serious problem. As you’ll hear Fred share – out on the water one day, it nearly cost him his life. But thankfully that’s not where the story ends! What God did that day was amazing. He used this incident to get Fred’s attention and bring Fred back to Himself. If you’ve wandered away from the Lord and wondered if God would have you back, you won’t want to miss this story. You’ll hear how God’s grace is much greater than our sin and be reminded that there is hope for any of us who repents. Fred went on to serve the Lord faithfully for the rest of his life. His story is a brief but powerful reminder that – whether you belong to the Lord or not – you can run… but you can’t hide.

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