Weekly broadcast programs of The Storyteller

Rick Billy (Choctaw) Part 1

Rick grew up on a farm in Oklahoma. It was a good life for him. In his youth, he realized that there was something more to this life. He believed that there was a superior being and recognized the need to be right with God. And so in 1968 he made the most important decision of his life. That’s were his relationship began with his Creator.

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Velma Memnuk (Cree) Part 2

Velma shares the rest of her story… how she ended up in Bible school, adjusted to a new culture, and about what it was like to live with someone who drank. She offers hope to those who are struggling.

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Velma Memnuk (Cree) Part 1

Velma is from Goodfish Lake, Alberta. It was a hard life, but it was good. She grew up in a log house and lived off the land. They had wild meat, a garden, cows, and chickens. “We all had to work to survive.” Her mother kept things going at home and had a significant impact on Velma’s life.

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George Olsen (Aleut)

Growing up in the village can be difficult. There are many influences that can bring a person down. Many lives have been destroyed through alcohol, drugs, and painful experiences. That could have been George’s story… but it isn’t. Listen as he shares how he was able to rise above the darkness and become a messenger of the Light.

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Wes Cardinal (Metis) Part 2

No one feels the pain more than a loving parent when one of their children dies. Wes knows this first hand. He didn’t know that when his son walked out the door that day that he would never come home. That evening he found out that his son had died in a fiery crash. They could not see the body because it was burnt. How does one make it through something like this?

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Wes Cardinal (Metis) Part 1

Wes had gotten sick. No one could figure out what was wrong… and it went on and on. Relatives began to wonder if Indian medicine was involved. More than his physical illness though, Wes had a spiritual sickness… and it’s consequences were far greater than his poor health.

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