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Leona Olsen (Aleut)

Leona is from the village of Tatitlek on Prince William Sound in Alaska. She grew up in a large family as one of ten children. At the age of 12, her father passed away. Her brother took up fishing to help support the family. Her mother sent her to school in hopes of preparing Leona for life. It was there that she discovered that something was missing in her life. Listen as she joyfully shares how she finally found what she was looking for… and how it changed her life.

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Martin Bear (Cree – Maliseet) Part 2

Martin believed that he would die an alcoholic. His wife coped with his drinking by abusing prescription meds. When it landed her in the hospital Martin didn’t care. But when lasting change came into her life, he noticed. Find out what she had, and what would eventually change Martin’s life too.

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Martin Bear (Cree – Maliseet) Part 1

Martin was abandoned by his parents when he was thirteen years old. It was then that he had his first taste of alcohol. It wouldn’t be his last. The bottle had a grip on Martin that would not let go. Listen as he shares about his early years before Christ came into his life.

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Gus Jenson (Athabascan)

Gus was from old Iliamna Village. He speaks of how life was back in the old days. They lived off the land without the conveniences of modern day Alaska. It was tough, and some didn’t make it. Gus recalls a missionary by the name of Don Stump who had a significant influence on him and Gus had a high regard for this man. Don encouraged Gus to accept the Lord Jesus because it was the only way one could get to heaven. But, Gus didn’t believe him.

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John Bear (Muscogee) Part 2

Drinking and partying was the better part of his life. It didn’t change after he got married and had a family. But something happened one day that would impact the rest of his life. Listen as John shares his journey, and as he looks back at what he used to be… what he no longer is.

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John Bear (Muscogee) Part 1

John was close to his mom and dad growing up. John was a good athlete and played a number of sports. His dad was there for every game. His senior year he got a call from the Texas Rangers. They invited him to a private tryout. That was the best and worst day of his life. Three hours later his mom picked him up from school. When they got home, he got news that would change his life forever.

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