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Carroll Hill (Mohawk)

Abuse almost pushed Carroll over the edge. “I remember this one night, I said, This is enough of this, and so I loaded up the rifle when we went to the bush the next day, and I just hid behind a tree, and I see my dad coming, I cocked the old rifle, and had it on his head, and I was following him through the bush, and I just wanted to pull the trigger so bad. But I know to this day, I know now, that it was God that kept me from doing it. I would have blown him away, no question.”

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Gilbert Bekkatla (Dene) Part 3

The loss of their son in a car accident was a heavy blow to Gilbert’s family. Questions go unanswered and the pain is hard to bear. Is it possible to find hope and comfort in the midst of such tragedy and grief? Listen as Gilbert talks about these things from a tender heart – as only a parent can – when speaking of a child who has died.

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Gilbert Bekkatla (Dene) Part 2

Influenced by the love and concern expressed by Christian friends and church members for his family’s welfare in a time of crisis, and Gilbert’s wife’s return to her studies of the Bible, Gilbert became more and more immersed in the truth of Scripture, and found it to be the source of the peace and life he craved.

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Gilbert Bekkatla (Dene) Part 1

Gilbert grew up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic home, and despite his intention not to be like his parents that way, found himself very much a drinker from his late teens until several years into his marriage. A bout of appendicitis brought him into a relationship with a family whose friendship and influence demonstrated God’s love, and a serious illness of his son further showed him, through a concerned church, a real demonstration of God’s love in action.

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Tammy Jackson (Cherokee) Part 2

Tammy prayed to receive Christ as her Savior when she was fourteen, but without spiritual guidance, she just went on living life as she had learned in her surroundings. She got into trouble and was thinking of ending her life as her father had, in suicide. Turning back to the church, and a pastor who ‘pursued her’ with the Word of God, she finally found the help she needed to live as an overcomer.

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Tammy Jackson (Cherokee) Part 1

Tammy’s childhood was shaped by growing up with an alcoholic father… whom she grew to hate. When she was 12, he committed suicide. Even then, she could not bring herself to mourn for him, but felt only relief. His death bring healing though. Listen as Tammy shares openly about her journey from hatred to forgiveness… and how that could even be possible.

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