Weekly broadcast programs of The Storyteller

Eddie Lindsey (Creek) Part 3

Stories are important to our Native people and they are important to Eddie. He tells the story that his mom told him about a turtle and the lesson that it taught. Then he shares about the most important story you’ll ever hear. Join us for this special Storyteller program.

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Eddie Lindsey (Creek) Part 2

Eddie grew up with a dad who drank. He always knew that his daddy loved him though he never heard the words. One day something happened in his daddy’s life that would effect everyone in the family. Daddy was different… he was changed. He didn’t drink anymore. Find out what made the difference in his life and how it impacted Eddie.

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Eddie Lindsey (Creek) Part 1

As a young person, Eddie was afraid of dying. He didn’t know much about it. One day he went to Sunday School where his aunt was teaching and she talked to him about death and what happens after that. Have you ever wondered about death? You’ll be interested to know what she told him.

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Milt Shirleson (Navajo)

Have you ever wondered if anyone really loved you? Have you ever felt abandoned? These were issues that Milt wrestled with in his youth because his father walked out on him. That left him with a wounded heart and a fertile place for anger to take root. Eventually, Milt’s anger almost cost him his own family. But then a miracle happened that would change his life forever.

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Sherry Cardinal (Metis)

Sherry grew up in Alberta raised by Christian parents. She put her trust in Jesus as a teenager at her last week of camp. Soon after, she went to Bible school. But she made some bad choices that would ultimately lead her down a difficult path. It took a personal tragedy to get her attention and make her realize that she needed to come back to her Lord.

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Vincent Larry (Mi’kmaq) Part 2

Larry recalls hard times… fearful times that would leave bitter memories of his youth. But he tells about how he was able to forgive – not in his own strength – but in the strength he found in God. Forgiveness is a powerful thing… something that God offers to each of us, no matter what we’ve done.

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