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Ernie McDougal (Cree) Part 2

On a flight from Winnipeg to Garden Hill, Manitoba, Ernie was paralyzed by fear because of a question that he couldn’t get out of his mind. “If you were to die at this very moment, where would you go?” He knew about Heaven and Hell, but he didn’t think he go to Heaven. It’s a serious question that caught his full attention… and he shares how he sought to answer it.

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Ernie McDougal (Cree) Part 1

Ernie is from Garden Hill, MB an Island Lake community about 300 miles north of Winnipeg. Because of a sickness when he was a little boy, Ernie was unable to do some of the things that other kids could do. Early on he learned that education was very important, but alcohol was ruining his life. One day, he was confronted with a frightening question he couldn’t answer… and he couldn’t let it go.

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Coronavirus and Hope in Troubled Times

Challenging days continue across Native North America and throughout the world. With new variants and outbreaks emerging, many are facing difficult challenges… and with these challenges, difficult questions. So where do we turn? Where do we find hope in times like these? Soapy Dollar, Mescalero Apache and host of The Storyteller points us to where he has found it, and where we can too.

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Harriet Hinman (Chemehuevi) Part 2

In this second part of Harriet’s story, she shares the struggles of her early years. The family moved around to different reservations because of her father’s work, but they only spoke English. No matter where she went, it seemed that she couldn’t fit in. Eventually, she would leave home for another strange place. Listen as she tells the story of how she ended up in a boarding school… where she experienced the most significant moment in her life.

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Harriet Hinman (Chemehuevi) Part 1

It’s tough growing up when you feel like you don’t fit in. For a little girl named Harriet, it was a lonely time. Listen as she reflects back on the early days of her life, and as she shares the most significant moment in her life… at a school away from home.

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Carroll Hill (Mohawk)

Abuse almost pushed Carroll over the edge. “I remember this one night, I said, This is enough of this, and so I loaded up the rifle when we went to the bush the next day, and I just hid behind a tree, and I see my dad coming, I cocked the old rifle, and had it on his head, and I was following him through the bush, and I just wanted to pull the trigger so bad. But I know to this day, I know now, that it was God that kept me from doing it. I would have blown him away, no question.”

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