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Allen Early (Apache) Part 3

The law finally caught up with Allen and was able to keep him locked up in solitary confinement. He tried to use the powers that he had to be set free… but nothing worked. Allen decided to kill himself. Three times he tried to hang himself, but failed. He decided to go on a hunger strike. 13 days into his slow suicide, he heard something that would change his life forever.

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Allen Early (Apache) Part 2

Allen is on the run from the law. He was so violent that even his own people wanted him locked up. But it seemed that whenever the police would catch up with him, he would be able to find a way to escape. There came a day though when he couldn’t run anymore… and so decided to end his life.

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Allen Early (Apache) Part 1

Allen was born and raised on the San Carlos Apache reservation in Arizona. In this first of four parts, Allen shares some history regarding his people, how he got his last name, and how he turned to violence in his youth.

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Karen Garreau (Lakota) Part 2

While her husband was serving overseas in the military, Karen was invited to church one Sunday. She declined saying that she had her own religion. The invitations kept coming, and eventually she went. What she experienced there was not what she had expected. She found genuine faith, love and concern… and so much more.

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Karen Garreau (Lakota) Part 1

Karen shares openly about the deep issues of life including her struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide. These are issues that many can relate to. Her story offers genuine hope to anyone who is willing to hear. Listen as she shares her journey from darkness to light.

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Truman Anquoe (Kiowa) Part 3

Truman spent time in the military serving his country during WWII. Now he is serving his Creator. What happens when God gets a hold of man? Listen as Truman talks about the hope, purpose, and future that he found in Jesus Christ.

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