Weekly broadcast programs of The Storyteller

Vincent Larry (Mi’kmaq) Part 1

Larry grew up in the Eel Ground Reserve on the banks of the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. He became a Native Constable on the reserve and saw a lot of pain and heartache. But it wasn’t something he observed from a distance… it became a part of his life also.

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Mitch McIntosh (Creek/Sioux) Part 2

Mitch thought that he and God were on good terms. After all, Mitch was doing all the right things. But when he was confronted with the truth that all his good works were not going to help him on the day he stood before God, Mitch had a decision to make.

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Mitch McIntosh (Creek/Sioux) Part 1

Mitch had a drug problem when he was young. He was drug to church by his parents. He was good at doing what he thought was expected when everyone was looking. But not all things are as they appear. In his heart Mitch became troubled over if he truly was right with God.

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Larry Tsingine (Navajo/Hopi) Part 2

Larry shares about his bout with depression and suicidal thoughts. It was then that he realized that he needed to get serious about the relationship that he had with Jesus Christ. He knew that he had to stay close to Him in order to be able to walk in victory in this life. Listen as he shares his journey with us.

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Larry Tsingine (Navajo/Hopi) Part 1

Larry was born in Winslow, Arizona and eventually made his way to Tuba City. He is half Hopi and half Navajo. He was raised mainly on the Navajo side with the Navajo traditions. But family was important on both sides. Listen as Larry shares how he was saved at an Indian camp in Prescott and the hope that he has found in Jesus.

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Rick Billy (Choctaw) Part 2

There are things that money can’t buy. Money can’t buy love, peace, or real friends. But money was what Rick pursued. He worked hard and put his relationship with his Creator aside. It affected his family too. It all came apart though when Rick was injured. He slipped into depression. But it was at bottom that perspective came.

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