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Paul Boskoffsky (Aleut) Part 2

Paul is a full-blooded Aleut, born in Egegik in 1935. In part 2 of his story, he shares about one of his life’s most difficult moments. He lost his precious daughter Jewell to cancer while she was a college student. We understand though that words cannot describe the pain of losing a child that you have loved and cared for. How does one cope with such a loss? Paul was able to because of the hope and peace he had found before she passed away.

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Paul Boskoffsky (Aleut) Part 1

Paul is a full-blooded Aleut, born in Egegik in 1935. Growing up, he lived in the village of Kanatik during the winter. But in the Springtime his family would walk over the mountain and cross the lake called Becharof to go back to Egegik in order to make ends meet. Like this journey, his early life was filled with difficult challenges… but he was an ambitious young man.

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Janet Martinez (Navajo) Part 2

Janet continues her story… sharing about how she was strong-willed but came to realize that she couldn’t do everything on her own. She took some formal training and got a job but didn’t like the work. So, she ended up joining the Marines. Years later she found herself in a relationship and pregnant. Against her boyfriends’ wishes she decided to keep her baby. That choice would ultimately change her life forever.

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Janet Martinez (Navajo) Part 1

Janet grew up on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. In her youth, she was an ambitious and self-reliant young girl who was not afraid to make tough choices. That may be because of growing up in a home with alcohol where she came face to face with fear, neglect, and abuse.

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Thomas Ranville (Metis) Part 2

It was a News Years Eve Thomas would never forget. He tried to get drunk but he couldn’t. He tried to get high but he couldn’t. He became a spectator though to those who had. And he was ashamed about what happened in the clubhouse that night. It was there that he decided to turn to God.

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Thomas Ranville (Metis) Part 1

Thomas grew up angry and bitter because of what life was like for him as a child. He ended up spending time in the Manitoba Youth Centre where he got into a lot of fights. Because he was a good fighter, they encouraged him to get into boxing… which gave his anger an outlet. Thomas eventually ended up joining a gang as an enforcer.

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