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Randy Boettcher (Metis) Part 1

“I can remember being happy as a child – there came a time when I began to see that the world was a dark place and that things were not as they should be.” Soon, Randy would get caught up in his own darkness. He read the Bible, and at the age of seventeen, fear gripped his heart as he considered his standing with God.

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Carla McKay (Ojibwe) Part 2

“I was going through a lot of hurt and loneliness; I didn’t feel like I added up. I had one very close friend, and I was thinking about suicide; we talked about it, like I told her, “Maybe it’s the only way out.” And then I heard somewhere later, that if you do that, you only cause your, the people you leave behind, your family, your friends, a lot more pain.”

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Carla McKay (Ojibwe) Part 1

Carla is originally from the Garden Valley First Nation in Manitoba. As a baby, she was given up for adoption and brought into a non-Native family. Early on it became apparent that something was different about her. She was soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy. With a gentle honesty, Carla shares about some of the challenges that she has faced, the encouragement she received from her adopted family, and the relationship that she has with her Creator.

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Eric Sinclair (Ojibwe) Part 3

Eric looks back over his life and stands in amazement at the direction it has taken since he turned his back on his rebellious sinful behavior and began to truly follow Jesus. He traded hopelessness and despair for a life of peace with God and reason to live.

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Eric Sinclair (Ojibwe) Part 2

When God disrupted Eric’s plan to end his life, Eric knew it was time to acknowledge God’s claim on him. A demonstration of humble service by a follower of Jesus got Eric thinking again. Then the influence of a concerned friend helped him see that he needed to follow Jesus without reservation.

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Eric Sinclair (Ojibwe) Part 1

Eric has fond memories of his childhood on the reserve. He heard about Jesus, and felt a desire to accept His gift of salvation, but had no one to walk with on that path. Instead, by the age of 16, he was into partying, and judged his life to be worthless. On a cold, dark night, he decided to end his life. But then something very strange happened on his way to the tower.

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