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Julius TwoHearts (Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux) Part 1

I started running around as older adults do when I was a teenager, and we got caught one night, and we had an open container; I was only fourteen years old and I got judged as an adult, and I had to sit in jail. They wouldn’t let me out of jail for seven days. It hurt me, and that’s where, I believe… that was the turning point where I wanted to get even with society. I wanted to get even; I wanted to rebel against any kind of authority or law.

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Ed Groat (Mohawk) Part 2

“I tell people that I had a drug problem when I was young. Our church was Sunday afternoon on the reservation. I got drug to church on Sunday afternoon, and I got drug to church on Sunday evening, and I got drug to church on prayer meeting night. So that was my drug problem.” Ed shares candidly about his life at boarding school, church, and the truth he embraced that changed his life.

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Walissa Walker (Nez Perce)

“You know, I never experienced a father in my life, so I would just turn to many different things, like boys and drugs and alcohol, just to fill myself, but, you know, it wasn’t filling; it would just leave me lonely in the end.”

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