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Jimmie Fish (Creek)

“I’m ready. If I were to die today, I know that I would go to Heaven.” How can Jimmie say that? And how can she talk so confidently about death? Listen as shares the journey of her life and how she came to place her trust in Jesus Christ.

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Frank Wilson (Cree)

Frank grew up on a reserve north of Winnipeg. At a young age, his dad took ill and so Frank dropped out of school to help meet the family’s needs. Before he died, Frank’s father trained him how to work in the bush. Although his dad was a Christian, Frank wasn’t interested. He lived life his way. He got into drinking and nearly died in a car wreck. But that didn’t change anything. It wasn’t until his own boy asked him to go to church with him one day that Frank began to think his life over.

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Larry Hawkins (Chickasaw) Part 2

In part two of Larry’s story he talks about how when God saved him – he didn’t want to continue living the way that he used to. He wanted to live his life fully for One who loved Him and rescued him from sin. Considering what Jesus did for Him on the cross, it only made sense.

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Larry Hawkins (Chickasaw) Part 1

His was mother was Chickasaw. His father, who was Anglo, rejected him as his son… so Larry grew up in someone else’ home with the stigma of being a “half-breed”. He had heard that these kinds of boys were the worst, and so somehow he thought he needed to live up to that. This is a story with a sad beginning, but thankfully it doesn’t end that way.

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Julius TwoHearts (Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux) Part 3

When people can tell you they see the joy of the Lord or they can see God in you, WOW, that makes it more worthwhile. That just gives me that joy that’s inexpressible, because there’s people that walk up to me and ask me, “Why are you always smiling, why do you smile?” Well, it ain’t really me being happy sometimes; it could just be the joy of the Lord, and that gives me a chance to just tell them who I am and why. That gives me a chance to say it’s all about God.

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Julius TwoHearts (Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux) Part 2

All this time these people are witnessing to me, telling me Jesus loves me, then I start finally understanding what they meant. They told me that Jesus came here and died for sinners. He died on the cross because of the human race rebellion and sin – that we needed a Savior, we needed to be born again spiritually. That’s when the Lord opened up my eyes to what it meant that I needed to be born again, because I was lost and I needed salvation, and Jesus provided that when He came to earth and died on the cross for our sins.

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