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Janet Martinez (Navajo) Part 2

Janet continues her story… sharing about how she was strong-willed but came to realize that she couldn’t do everything on her own. She took some formal training and got...

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Janet Martinez (Navajo) Part 1

Janet grew up on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. In her youth, she was an ambitious and self-reliant young girl who was not afraid to make tough choices. That...

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Thomas Ranville (Metis) Part 2

It was a News Years Eve Thomas would never forget. He tried to get drunk but he couldn’t. He tried to get high but he couldn’t. He became a...

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Thomas Ranville (Metis) Part 1

Thomas grew up angry and bitter because of what life was like for him as a child. He ended up spending time in the Manitoba Youth Centre where he...

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Eddie Lindsey (Creek) Part 3

Stories are important to our Native people and they are important to Eddie. He tells the story that his mom told him about a turtle and the lesson that...

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Eddie Lindsey (Creek) Part 2

Eddie grew up with a dad who drank. He always knew that his daddy loved him though he never heard the words. One day something happened in his daddy’s...

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