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Hugh Grant (Karuk) Part 2

Alcohol had taken Hugh… it had taken everything from him like it does to so many others. But something happened in his life that made all the difference, and now he has been clean and sober for over 27 years. Listen as Hugh shares the rest of his story.

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Hugh Grant (Karuk) Part 1

“I took a drink of my mom’s beer. And it was terrible. I said, ‘Oh, how can you drink that stuff’. I’ll never forget her answer: ‘You’ll find out.’ And she was so right on.” Listen to Hugh share about how he got involved with alcohol and the toll that it would take on his life.

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George Landlord (Yup’ik) Part 2

From falling into the freezing waters of the Yukon River to serving on the battlefields of Vietnam, George has lived through many challenging and difficult situations. Drugs and alcohol weren’t the answer he was looking for, but one day George did find something that would change his life forever.

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George Landlord (Yup’ik) Part 1

George grew up in Mountain Village, Alaska where life can be pretty rugged. One day, while he was out on his snow machine he got caught in a storm. He got lost and, eventually, his snowmobile ran out of gas. He found himself in a potentially deadly situation. Should he abandon his snow machine or stay put?

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Deloris Cardinal (Metis)

One of the most difficult events in life is when someone close to you dies. The sting of death is especially painful when it comes unexpectedly. This was the case in Deloris’ life when she lost her brother. She shares candidly about her loss and the sober reality that she came to regarding her own readiness for death.

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Nicole Harjo (Creek)

You don’t have to do bad things to be bad. Nicole grew up in a Christian home where her father was a pastor. She knew right from wrong and what she needed to do. But she also knew that deep down in her heart she wanted to do evil. Where does that come from, and what is the remedy? Nicole has the answer.

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