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Jimmy Hammonds (Lumbee)

War has a way of changing people. That was Jimmy’s story. He had medicated the memories for Vietnam but that didn’t lead to anything good. In fact things got...

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Ted Kejick (Ojibwe) Part 2

Living at home with his biological family was difficult. The longer Ted lived there the less hope he had. At age 15 he finally reached a point where he...

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Ted Kejick (Ojibwe) Part 1

Ted was born with Cerebral Palsy. His mother left him at the hospital because they told her that he would not make it through the night. He was bounced...

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Tom Claus (Mohawk) New Year Special

New Years Eve is a very special time in the Claus family. It was on that night many years ago that the family gathered together around the radio and...

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A Storyteller Christmas with Soapy Dollar (Apache)

Soapy is a Mescalero Apache who was abandoned at birth and raised on a ranch for homeless and delinquent boys. As an orphan, his memories and perspective on Christmas...

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Mae Moses (I’upiaq)

Mae shares her story of faith and recounts what it was like to grow up in a remote village of Alaska. Born in the village of Unalakleet before modern...

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Herman Williams (Navajo) Part 5

Herman shares how he was bewitched by a medicine man. He became very ill and the doctors could find nothing wrong with him. Then came the singing and drumming...

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Herman Williams (Navajo) Part 4

Herman’s trip off the rez – which was only supposed to be for two months – has turned into an epic journey of life transformation. God had a plan...

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Herman Williams (Navajo) Part 3

The adventure continues as Herman explores the land of the cowhide. His travels take him to Montana where something happens to him that will change his life forever. Listen...

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Herman Williams (Navajo) Part 2

He’d never been off the rez before. There were many things he had never seen or heard. So when the opportunity came, Herman made his way into a brand...

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