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Venus Cote (Saulteaux) Part 3

God tells us in His Word that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. That’s exactly what happened to Venus. When she put her trust in...

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Venus Cote (Saulteaux) Part 2

In deep distress Venus cried, “I can’t do this anymore. I can not do this anymore.” Her heart was so broken that she didn’t believe it could be repaired....

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Venus Cote (Saulteaux) Part 1

Venus’ life got off to a tragic start. As a little girl she saw her dad kill her mom. And this was only the beginning our her heartache and...

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Larry Edd (Navajo) Part 2

When Larry’s wife became a Christian he noticed a real change in her life. He saw how peaceful she was, even when they were encountering spiritual darkness. He wanted...

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Larry Edd (Navajo) Part 1

Larry shares about the reality of spiritual darkness, traditions, and his quest for truth. He wasn’t satisfied with the answers he was getting. He was looking for something he...

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Nida Nelson (Aleut) Part 3

Nida’s sister rejected her because of Nida’s choice to follow Jesus. But years later tragedy would bring the sisters back together – closer than they had ever been. Then...

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Nida Nelson (Aleut) Part 2

Nida finally found what she’d been searching for. You can hear the joy in her voice as she recalls the moment that she did. She was at peace with...

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Nida Nelson (Aleut) Part 1

Nida said, “There were things I was doing that I didn’t want to do. I was hurting my family. I wanted change in my life and I couldn’t do...

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Sam Otter (Cherokee)

Alcohol had Sam. But Sam had friends who really cared for him. In fact, they cared enough not to be silent. He didn’t like it when he saw Arthur...

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Winnie Bair (Cree)

Have you ever felt wicked because of what someone else did to you? Winnie knows what it’s like. How about losing someone close to your heart? She’s been there...

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