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Harriet Hinman (Chemehuevi) Part 2

In this second part of Harriet’s story, she shares the struggles of her early years. The family moved around to different reservations because of her father’s work, but they...

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Harriet Hinman (Chemehuevi) Part 1

It’s tough growing up when you feel like you don’t fit in. For a little girl named Harriet, it was a lonely time. Listen as she reflects back on...

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Carroll Hill (Mohawk)

Abuse almost pushed Carroll over the edge. “I remember this one night, I said, This is enough of this, and so I loaded up the rifle when we went...

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Gilbert Bekkatla (Dene) Part 3

The loss of their son in a car accident was a heavy blow to Gilbert’s family. Questions go unanswered and the pain is hard to bear. Is it possible...

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Gilbert Bekkatla (Dene) Part 2

Influenced by the love and concern expressed by Christian friends and church members for his family’s welfare in a time of crisis, and Gilbert’s wife’s return to her studies...

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Gilbert Bekkatla (Dene) Part 1

Gilbert grew up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic home, and despite his intention not to be like his parents that way, found himself very much a drinker from his late...

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Tammy Jackson (Cherokee) Part 2

Tammy prayed to receive Christ as her Savior when she was fourteen, but without spiritual guidance, she just went on living life as she had learned in her surroundings....

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Tammy Jackson (Cherokee) Part 1

Tammy’s childhood was shaped by growing up with an alcoholic father… whom she grew to hate. When she was 12, he committed suicide. Even then, she could not bring...

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Allen Early (Apache) Part 4

Allen was bound in chains and led away by six officers. He was going to see a federal judge. The judge told him, “Allen, I have the authority to...

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Allen Early (Apache) Part 3

The law finally caught up with Allen and was able to keep him locked up in solitary confinement. He tried to use the powers that he had to be...

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