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Anne Morrow (Cree) Part 2

Anne’s mother left home when Anne was just a little girl. Years later, when Anne had a family of her own, her mother came to visit. Anne was shocked....

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Anne Morrow (Cree) Part 1

Anne’s mother left her and her dad when she was just a little girl. She was raised by her father until she was sent to residential school. It was...

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Virginia Johnson (Cherokee) Part 2

“And all our life was, was drinking and alcohol and smoking, and yet in my heart the Holy Spirit told me that it was wrong, and I knew that...

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Virginia Johnson (Cherokee) Part 1

Virginia recalls, “And I can remember from my childhood, that that stuff didn’t smell good, and so when I would be sitting outside the bar and was drinking that,...

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Norman Head (Cree) Part 3

The chains of alcohol had bound Norman for nearly his entire life. Finally, there came a point where he decided it needed to end. But where would he find...

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Norman Head (Cree) Part 2

Norman was glad to be in residential school. He enjoyed being away from his community and the opportunities that being in Prince Albert brought. That all changed though when...

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Norman Head (Cree) Part 1

Norman grew up in an alcoholic home. It was not a safe place for anyone. He describes what it was like living through it as a child. For anyone...

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Herman McClanahan (Navajo) Part 2

Herman’s life has been deeply effected by a terrible car accident in his youth. But instead of being bitter, his life is marked by love and humility. How can...

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Herman McClanahan (Navajo) Part 1

Herman and his family were involved in a life-changing car wreck because of alcohol. Yet, he is not bitter. Join us for this two-part story about a story of...

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Arlan Melendez (Paiute) Part 3

Tribal Chairman, Arlan Melendez is living proof that God can break the chains that bind us and give us power to change. Arlan was once hopeless, wondering if there...

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