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Eric Sinclair (Ojibwe) Part 2

When God disrupted Eric’s plan to end his life, Eric knew it was time to acknowledge God’s claim on him. A demonstration of humble service by a follower of...

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Eric Sinclair (Ojibwe) Part 1

Eric has fond memories of his childhood on the reserve. He heard about Jesus, and felt a desire to accept His gift of salvation, but had no one to...

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Don Shugak (Sugpiaq) Part 2

Don tells about the 1964 tidal wave that hit his village of Old Harbor, and about the people that gave their lives to save his village. He also shares...

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Don Shugak (Sugpiaq) Part 1

Don grew up in Old Harbor, Alaska on Kodiak Island. He knew what it was like to live off the ocean, to hunt seal and bear. He also knew...

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Jeannie Dennis (Hopi) Part 4

Jeannie’ teenage son was murdered. She lived with great anger and hurt… and spent years trying to keep the killer behind bars. Despite her efforts, he was paroled. But...

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Jeannie Dennis (Hopi) Part 3

When her husband walked out, Jeannie was about to reach for the bottle to ease her pain, but instead reached out to Jesus. She was driven to Him by...

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Jeannie Dennis (Hopi) Part 2

Jeannie and her husband, Harlan, were being driven apart by alcohol, and she finally divorced him. When nobody else wanted him, he came back, promising to change, and he...

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Jeannie Dennis (Hopi) Part 1

Jeannie grew up in an alcoholic home, experiencing much abuse. She had a very low opinion of herself. As a young mother of three, she found herself loosed from...

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Florence Flett (Cree) Part 2

Florence’s husband said to her, “Flo, you know what happened is that I got saved, I got saved.” And you know, and of course he started preaching to me,...

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Florence Flett (Cree) Part 1

Florence was raised up north in Manitoba in the small community of Red Sucker Lake. She bounced around between relatives until she was 17 when she met Conrad. He...

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