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Florence Wilson (Cree) Part 1

Florence has lived most of her life on the Peguis Reserve in Manitoba. She learned much from her father as she worked the farm with him, and much from...

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Emerson Horace (Navajo/Hopi) Part 2

Emerson found himself with his back against the wall. He had a wife, three kids, and lost his job. It was a crisis that usually would result in getting...

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Emerson Horace (Navajo/Hopi) Part 1

I was lost. I just couldn’t figure out my life, and I kept going and looking for the answers. Went to college, thinking that the money would give me...

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Molly Littlejohn (Cherokee)

Molly’s early years were marked with abuse. Alcohol had a hold of her, but she wasn’t content. This is her story of how she was set free from the...

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Jimmy Murphy Jr (Choctaw) Part 4

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to get our attention. Jimmy knew that the alcohol and drugs were affecting his family. He wanted to quit, but it was not happening....

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Jimmy Murphy Jr (Choctaw) Part 3

Standing in front of the court, listening to the Judge telling his lawyer to shut up and sit down, Jimmy realized that this was serious. What was it that...

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Jimmy Murphy Jr (Choctaw) Part 2

Harsh words can cut deep… and they can flow freely when someone is intoxicated. Jimmy knows. He describes the shock and pain of hearing the most important woman in...

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Jimmy Murphy Jr (Choctaw) Part 1

Jimmy was affected by alcohol at an early age. For all those who have suffered through the fear and uncertainty that comes when a family member is under the...

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Mary Lathlin (Cree) Part 3

Their marriage had been filled with much pain and hardship. But, instead of abandoning her husband, Mary committed to love him. God gave her what she needed to care...

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Mary Lathlin (Cree) Part 2

Mary suffered much physical and emotional abuse in her marriage, but drew strength from God’s Word and the encouragement of others. She found Him very real even through these...

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