Is Jesus is more powerful than the spirits? Native American Christian Answers (Mark Custalow)

Mark Custalow, from the Mattaponi tribe in Virginia, answers the question “Is Jesus more powerful than the spirits?” Is Jesus greater than the spirits?. These are important questions. If Jesus isn’t, then why would anyone follow Him. But if He is, what do we have to be concerned or afraid about?

Mark is a Christian Native American.

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Focus: Jesus is the Creator. He has absolute power and authority over all Creation, including every spirit. Yes, spirits have power but they submit to the One who created them. The spirits use fear, impersonation, and demonstrations of supernatural power to deceive people in order to keep them from knowing and following their Creator. Instead, people pay homage and sacrifice to the created spirits rather than worship the Creator who alone deserves their honor and affection.

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You know, the wonderful thing about Jesus is He is God and He is all-powerful. He’s big enough and we can trust Him. He’s shown Himself to be trustworthy.

Jesus is the God-man. It’s God coming to earth and taking on human flesh. It’s God with us, God Emmanuel.

You know, in our culture, again, we have a spiritual orientation we think about. We understand spiritual realities. And you may be asking yourself, “You’re telling me much about Jesus, but is Jesus really more powerful? Is He stronger than the spirits I’ve come to understand and seen in my life? Have I got a story for you?”

The Bible says that when God came down in the form of man, Jesus, that when Jesus was beginning, immediately as He was beginning His public ministry on earth, the Bible says that Satan came and led Him into a desert. So this is a great antithesis, right? You have God in the form of His Son Jesus, and then you have Satan, the great deceiver that’s been cast out of Heaven. And so Satan is taking Jesus, the God-man, into the desert, and then he began to tempt Him. He said, “Jesus, bow and worship me, and I’ll give you everything that you see.” He began to tempt Jesus in many different ways relative to power, prestige, worship, all these things. And every time Jesus quoted back to Him the absolute truth of the Word of God, thereby defeating and putting down every attempt that Satan made to defeat Jesus the God-man.

Satan didn’t send his demons to do his bidding. He wanted to take on Jesus directly, and Jesus defeated him in the desert. But even greater than that, Jesus ultimately defeated Satan on the cross.

See Satan is responsible for our death. We belong to him because we’re sinners, and Jesus conquered Satan and death and hell in the cross. And he is a defeated enemy, and if you’re a follower of Jesus or you become a follower of Jesus, we can be set free from the clutches that Satan the deceiver has in our lives, and we can live above the fray and beyond that, all by the power of the Holy Spirit because of what Jesus made possible. I’m here to tell you today, Jesus is more powerful than all the spirits and Satan himself and all of them together, because Jesus is God. He is supreme and He is Lord.

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