Ray Sparklingeyes (Cree) Part 2

“… and when I woke up, I was sick. Not only from what I had drank that previous night, but the burden of sin was heavy upon me. And not only that but, I was so sick I knew if I died at that moment, I wasn’t prepared to meet God.”

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Vince Garcia (Navajo)

Vince was kicked out of his home at the age of 11 because he stood in the way of his father abusing his mother. He quickly learned how to live on the streets of Chicago. Trouble was something he was very familiar with. His life was careening out of control and he was headed for disaster when God came into his life and changed everything.

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Walissa Walker (Nez Perce)

“You know, I never experienced a father in my life, so I would just turn to many different things, like boys and drugs and alcohol, just to fill myself, but, you know, it wasn’t filling; it would just leave me lonely in the end.”

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