Why do you believe and trust the Bible – Native American Christian answers (Mark Custalow)

Mark Custalow, from the Mattaponi tribe in Virginia, answers the question, “Why do you believe and trust the Bible?”

Mark is a Christian Native American. He references those who have studied the reasons to believe but for him, it comes down to faith. For more information on the Bible and reasons people believe it is true see the following links:

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So as a follower of Jesus, I base everything that I believe on the Bible, on the Word of God.

I believe about the Bible, that it is God’s revelation of Himself to us. Why do I believe that? Because it’s what He says in the Bible.

So I’m not a scientist. I haven’t earned doctorate, but I’m not a scientist. And I’m not smart enough to sit here and tell you all the proofs why you should believe the Bible. There are some people who take that approach, it’s called apologetics, and they are worth listening to and considering. But even after you listen to the smartest apologists, it all, underscores all, boils down to faith.

In order to believe, in order to experience God in all that He is, it comes down to faith. The Bible says that in order to please God, He requires faith on our part. Now I’ll tell you this as well, this is kind of extra.

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