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Bill Jackson (Cree) Part 2

We all stand in need of forgiveness. If we are honest with ourselves, we can see our mistakes and failures. We can identify the regrets in our lives. What do we do with them? Bill shares the confidence that he has regarding these things.

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Bill Jackson (Cree) Part 1

Bill is a Cree from northern Alberta. He was born and raised in the Whitefish Lake Cree Nation. Bill talks candidly about his faith in Jesus and then goes on to tell the story of how he came to an awareness that he had a spiritual need.

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Shawn Whitey (Navajo)

Shawn was close to his grandfather, who had a profound impact on his life. But there was someone else who would have an even greater impact on Shawn… someone who would change his life forever.

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Walissa Walker (Nez Perce)

“You know, I never experienced a father in my life, so I would just turn to many different things, like boys and drugs and alcohol, just to fill myself, but, you know, it wasn’t filling; it would just leave me lonely in the end.”

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Jess French (Cherokee)

“So I went to Charles, but I didn’t tell him what was going on in my thoughts. I asked him to give me a straight shot of whiskey, and I always had the pills to make me high or low, so I went into the bathroom and took those two elements, and what I was trying to do, I was trying to forget that voice.”

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Harriet Hinman (Chemehuevi) Part 2

In this second part of Harriet’s story, she shares the struggles of her early years. The family moved around to different reservations because of her father’s work, but they only spoke English. No matter where she went, it seemed that she couldn’t fit in. Eventually, she would leave home for another strange place. Listen as she tells the story of how she ended up in a boarding school… where she experienced the most significant moment in her life.

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