Weekly broadcast programs of The Storyteller

Sam Otter (Cherokee)

“We prayed and we prayed, and I really meant it. God had drawed me that night. He had touched my heart, made me want to accept him, made me want to have a life that I saw Christians have. When I got up, I knew that there’d been a change in my heart, there’d been a change in my life. Them old programs that didn’t help me, well Christ done what they couldn’t do. The bottle was taken away from me. I believe, one time after that, I tried to take up that bottle again, but God wouldn’t let me. He would not let me.”

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Soapy Dollar (Apache)

Soapy is a Mescalero Apache who was abandoned at birth and raised on a ranch for homeless and delinquent boys. His memories and perspective on Christmas as an orphan are different than most, yet they are good. The significance that God’s gift has had on his life is not lost on him, and he lives to tell about it.

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Jason French (Cherokee)

Jason French, Cherokee, will be sharing his testimony, reflecting on the significance of Christ’s birth in the story of redemption and the truth that God’s gift is for all people… whoever will receive it. The program will also feature Jason’s music. Plan to join us for a special Storyteller Christmas.

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Winnie Bair (Cree)

Have you ever felt wicked because of what someone else did to you? Winnie knows what it’s like. How about losing someone close to your heart? She’s been there too. She was a broken woman. But she’s different now.

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Richard Stevens (Ahtna/Eyak)

One day Richard’s brother told him that he was ready to meet the Lord. Richard wondered how this could be. He wanted to be sure that he was ready too. But his brother didn’t tell him how to be ready. Listen as Richard tells of his quest to be ready to meet his maker.

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Ralph Hamblin (Sac and Fox) Part 2

Alcohol really took a toll on his family, but for Ralph, it never took hold of him. What is it that made him different? Was it fate? Was it the choices that he made? Listen in as Ralph shares the rest of his story.

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