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Josephine Genaille (Cree) Part 1

Josephine grew up in a home where her mother was careful about who her kids were around. But eventually Josephine found a way to be with her friends. She ended getting into trouble with alcohol in a way that would change her life forever. It’s a path that many are familiar with. Listen to part one of her amazing story about how God saved her and set her free.

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Robert De Corah (Oneida/Assiniboine) Part 2

Robert was caught up in the gang life, so he was used to violence. But at some point he realized that there had to be to life than what he was living. One night he had a dream that would get his attention. He then began a quest that would change everything.

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Robert De Corah (Oneida/Assiniboine) Part 1

Robert was born on the Oneida reservation in Wisconsin but – because of the Indian Relocation Act – spent his growing-up years in Chicago. It was there that he learned to drink and fight. He would discover though that it was an empty life. Join us for part one of Robert’s story.

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Victoria Alonzo (Navajo)

Victoria put her trust in Jesus at the age of eight and was raised in a loving Christian home. When she got to high school, though, she began to party with family and friends. She continued this life while in university until she finally saw how useless it all was and turned back to God. That’s when she found that Jesus offers the greatest high one could ever experience: joy today and Heaven forever.

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Chester Martin (Mi’kmaq) Part 3

Chester found out that, just because Jesus saves us from our past and gives us hope for the future, life can still be hard. Difficult challenges and choices are part of the journey. For Chester, this included something he was never able to do before… forgive his father for years of abuse and neglect.

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Chester Martin (Mi’kmaq) Part 2

The hate that Chester had harbored for his father since childhood was driving him to drink, despair, and death. Through the intervention of an understanding judge and a Bible-quoting friend, Chester would have another opportunity to face his self-destructive behavior and pursue a new life.

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