How can you believe in God when there is so much injustice? – Mark Custalow (Mattaponi)

Why is there such injustice in the world? Why is there such suffering in the world? Why is there such pain and death and disease in the world? Why I hear that one an awful lot from Native and non-Native people alike. If God is so great, why would He allow these things to happen?

That’s a universal question, again, that transcends all people groups, all races, all ethnicities. It’s a question that sometimes trips us up from understanding the true nature of who God is, His righteousness, His holiness, but also His love, grace, and mercy.

Mark Custalow, from the Mattaponi tribe in Virginia, answers the question, “What about all the injustice and suffering?” Many wonder, if there is a God and He is good, then why do bad things happen?

Mark is a Christian Native American.

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