Weekly broadcast programs of The Storyteller

Winnie Bair (Cree)

Have you ever felt wicked because of what someone else did to you? Winnie knows what it’s like. How about losing someone close to your heart? She’s been there too. She was a broken woman. But she’s different now.

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Richard Stevens (Ahtna/Eyak)

One day Richard’s brother told him that he was ready to meet the Lord. Richard wondered how this could be. He wanted to be sure that he was ready too. But his brother didn’t tell him how to be ready. Listen as Richard tells of his quest to be ready to meet his maker.

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Ralph Hamblin (Sac and Fox) Part 2

Alcohol really took a toll on his family, but for Ralph, it never took hold of him. What is it that made him different? Was it fate? Was it the choices that he made? Listen in as Ralph shares the rest of his story.

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Ralph Hamblin (Sac and Fox) Part 1

His grandparents originally lived in Iowa, but were relocated to Oklahoma to the Sac and Fox reservation. There they were given land and settled. Ralph grew up in Shawnee, but spent quite a bit of time with his grandmother on the reservation. She was a significant influence in his life.

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Bill Jackson (Cree) Part 2

We all stand in need of forgiveness. If we are honest with ourselves, we can see our mistakes and failures. We can identify the regrets in our lives. What do we do with them? Bill shares the confidence that he has regarding these things.

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Bill Jackson (Cree) Part 1

Bill is a Cree from northern Alberta. He was born and raised in the Whitefish Lake Cree Nation. Bill talks candidly about his faith in Jesus and then goes on to tell the story of how he came to an awareness that he had a spiritual need.

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