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Nida Nelson (Aleut) Part 3

Her sister, Kitty, rejected Nida because of her choice to follow Jesus. Seven years later Kitty was brought to her door in terrible shape. She had been beaten up by her husband with the butt of a rifle. The tragedy brought the sisters closer together than they had ever been – for it was then that Kitty entrusted herself to Nida’s Savior. Her life changed so drastically that even an old drinking buddy no longer recognized her. Her husband wanted to get back together and so one day they were alone together in Seward. He wanted her to drink with him. She refused and it cost Kitty her life. But was that the end for Nida and Kitty? Would anger and unforgiveness consume Nida? Listen as Nida tells the story, and of the hope she has that someday she will see her sister again.

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Nida Nelson (Aleut) Part 2

How would you feel when you finally find what you’ve been searching for? Nida knows. You can hear the joy in her voice as she recalls the moment that she accepted what God offers to us all. Did her troubles end? Find out what happens next as she comes home from church to a husband whose been drinking.

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Nida Nelson (Aleut) Part 1

“There were things I was doing that I didn’t want to do. I was hurting my family. I wanted change in my life and I couldn’t do it.” Maybe you can relate.

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Ryan O’Leary (Ojibwe)

Ryan grew up with sports, but he was especially good at Hockey… so good in fact that he was eventually drafted by a professional hockey team. He wasn’t content though – something was missing. It wasn’t until he chose to follow Jesus that he found what he was looking for.

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Sam Otter (Cherokee)

“We prayed and we prayed, and I really meant it. God had drawed me that night. He had touched my heart, made me want to accept him, made me want to have a life that I saw Christians have. When I got up, I knew that there’d been a change in my heart, there’d been a change in my life. Them old programs that didn’t help me, well Christ done what they couldn’t do. The bottle was taken away from me. I believe, one time after that, I tried to take up that bottle again, but God wouldn’t let me. He would not let me.”

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Soapy Dollar (Apache)

Soapy is a Mescalero Apache who was abandoned at birth and raised on a ranch for homeless and delinquent boys. His memories and perspective on Christmas as an orphan are different than most, yet they are good. The significance that God’s gift has had on his life is not lost on him, and he lives to tell about it.

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