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Jess French (Cherokee)

“So I went to Charles, but I didn’t tell him what was going on in my thoughts. I asked him to give me a straight shot of whiskey, and I always had the pills to make me high or low, so I went into the bathroom and took those two elements, and what I was trying to do, I was trying to forget that voice.”

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Soapy Dollar (Mescalero Apache) Part 3

“I never dreamed, I would not have dreamed this life, because it would not have occurred to me that it could happen. But God has opened up doors of ministry and influence and opportunity that are beyond my comprehension, and He

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Soapy Dollar (Mescalero Apache) Part 2

“I had evaluated everything that came into my life, even as a young street urchin. I knew it was all about me, every person that came down the sidewalk, everything that happened to me in my life, immediately my thought was,

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Soapy Dollar (Mescalero Apache) Part 1

“Danny was the big man on campus. He was the meanest, toughest, most foul-mouthed boy on the ranch, and we all wanted to grow up and be just as tough and mean as he was. But he would kick us around, hit us, yell at us, force us to do his chores and things, just a very mean fellow, but one day Danny just changed, totally without any explanation, without any warning his life changed. His demeanor changed, his vocabulary changed everything about him, and nobody knew what had happened.”

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Ted Murdock (Cree) Part 2

You’ve heard alcohol referred to as spirits. Have you heard though about spirits leveraging the bottle? No doubt there are some who will admit this, perhaps others have never thought about it. What Ted experienced was frightening beyond imagination on his journey to loose the chains that bound him.

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Ted Murdock (Cree) Part 1

When alcohol is your master, it effects every part of your life. For some, it comes on slow. But eventually you begin to realize the grip is not you on the bottle, but the bottle on you. Ted speaks candidly of his journey to find something the bottle could not offer.

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